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At 03:01hrs on July 23 OCFC alerted Solvay Truck 11 to move up to East Syracuse Station 1, and is currently still on stand by. East Syracuse, and many other companies have been operating at a 5 building recycling center signal 99, which was reported shortly after 02:00hrs. Truck 11 and Car 2 (Spaeth) are providing truck coverage for East Syracuse and other eastern districts, as most of the Eastern Section trucks are committed on the scene of the incident. UPDATE: After standing by at East Syracuse Station 1 for 18 hours, Truck 11 was released at 20:00hrs. Companies from across the county are still operating on scene, and are expected to be for days. The Solvay Volunteers would like to thank the East Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department, the village residents and dignitaries, the ESFD lady's auxiliary, and their families for the hospitality!

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