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SIGNAL 80: NB 695 to EB I-690 RAMP

At approx. 0545 hrs Solvay Rescue was alerted to the 695 NB to 690 EB ramp for a MVC involving a tractor trailer and car. Caller reported that there was significant damage to the car. Solvay Rescue 11 and Car 1 responded. Car 1 arrived confirming heavy damage with one patient. Rescue 11 arrived and began taking care of vehicle hazards as well as assisting Rural Metro Medical Services with packaging the patient. After Rescue 11 began to mitigate a fuel spill from one of the. Solvay was assisted by Fairmount FD, NYSDEC Spill Response, and Geddes PD. Solvay units operating: Rescue 11, Engine 12, Car 1, Car 2

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