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At approx. 1200 hours Solvay, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 (R.I.T.) were alerted to the 300 block of Caroline Ave. for a reported fire. Solvay Truck 11 went enroute and additional information was given for a reported fire in the kitchen. Truck 11 brought in their own water supply and were firstarriving to a smoke conditon from side A of the structure. Truck 11's crew stretched a line and a small fire was found and brought under control in the kitchen. Command held with Truck 11 and Taunton Ladder 5 and extensive ventilaltion was conducted. Units cleared at approximately 1300 hours. Units operating: Solvay Truck 11, Car 2 (Spaeth), Taunton Ladder 5

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