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At approx. 1700 hrs. on Sunday evening the alarm was transmitted for a report of heavy smoke coming from the second story of a building located near the intersection of First St. and Cogswell Ave. Solvay, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 were assigned. Solvay Car 1 (Cantello) arrived reporting a two and one half story balloon frame construction building with smoke showing and immediately upgraded the assignment to a Signal 99. Fairmount Engine 6 was first arriving and began fire suppression while Solvay Engine 22 and Taunton Ladder 5 arrived and went to work stretching an additional line to the attic. Solvay Car 2 (Spaeth) and Car 3 (Zingaro) became interior and exterior operations chiefs while Car 1 (Cantello) took command. Solvay Engine 21 arrived and their crew went to work pulling ceilings checking for fire extension while Solvay Engine 12 arrived bringing in another water supply from the hydrant at First Street and Center Street.

The fire was brought under control in 20 minutes yet crews remained on the scene late in the evening doing extensive overhaul due to blown in insulation. Nobody was injured and the cause is still under investigation. All units returned back to service by 2200 hrs.

Units Operating: Solvay Engine 22, Engine 21, Engine 12, Truck 11, Rescue 11, Taunton Ladder 5, Fairmount Engine 6, Truck 1 (Solvay Station 1), Lakeside Engine 3, and Onondaga Hill RP2 at Solvay Station 2.

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