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At approximately 1100 hrs. Thursday, the alarm was transmitted for a reported house on fire in Camillus' first due. Camillus Car 2 arrived and reported smoke showing from a two story residence and established the Huntington Ln. command. Soon after Camillus command gave the fire a Signal 99. Fairmount Engine 6 was first to arrive bringing in a plug and stretching a line to the fire which had reportedly started in the kitchen per initial dispatch. Command upgraded the assignment to a second alarm which brought in additional resources. Solvay Engine 12 was assigned to stand-by on Camillus' floor. Engine 12 responded on dispatch with five to Camillus' station. While enroute, Engine 12 was redirected to the scene. Engine 12 and Car 1 arrived and assisted with overhaul operations. After operating on the scene for approximately two hours, Camillus Command placed Engine 12's crew back into service. Solvay Units Operating: Engine 12, Car 1 (Spaeth)

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