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The final day of the 2014 NYS Fair brought sunny skys and unusually hot weather as well as record breaking crowds to the grounds, keeping emergency crews busy throughout the day. Labor Day broke the daily attendance record for the fair after already breaking the record two days prior. 122,870 people walked through the gates to the fair on Labor Day. Due to the heat there were numerous cases of heat related illnesses throughout the day. An additional 15+ ambulances were brought onto the grounds and additional crews from Solvay Fire were brought into handle the overwhelming number of calls. Crews from Taunton, Lakeside, and Fairmount Fire were moved up to stand-by at Solvay Station One. All emergency crews worked with New York State Emergency Management, OFPC, State Police, and Onondaga County Emergency Management to effectively handle every emergency call recieved on the grounds.

In addition to the ongoing events all day, Solvay Fire still managed to uphold their responsibility in providing fire protection to the grounds and demoloition derby that happened later that night. We thank everyone for their support and assisstance in handling all the emergency calls throughout that day. Thanks to RMMS, NOVA, WAVES, GBAC, EAVES, NAVAC, TLC, Fairmount, Taunton, Lakeside, and everyone else who came to our aid!

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