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In the later evening, Solvay Rescue was added to the assignment of a Signal 80 in Lakeside’s first due. Rescue 11 and Engine 12 both had dedicated crews and were out the door upon dispatch. The MVC was on WB I-690, just past the Rt. 695 Interchange. Initial reports stated that one subject was pinned underneath one of the two vehicles involved in the collision. Police arrived and confirmed serious injuries to occupants in the vehicles.

Solvay Rescue 11 was first arriving, finding one person down in the roadway and another trapped in the second vehicle. Rescue 11’s crew went to work providing patient care to the person down and began extricating the second person from their vehicle. Engine 12 arrived and began to control vehicle hazards and assist Rescue 11. As additional crews arrived, the situation was handled accordingly. All parties involved were assessed by EMS and three were transported by GBAC, WAVES, and Rural/Metro Medical Services. After all parties were assessed, crews cleaned up and returned to service. Solvay Rescue was then alerted to another Signal 80 upon clearing the scene.

Units Operating: Lakeside Rescue 5, Lakeside Engine 4, Solvay Rescue 11, Solvay Engine 12.

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