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1329 hrs. Fairmount, Taunton, and Solvay were alerted to a report of a house on fire on Wickson Rd. with reports of a child trapped in the Fairmount Fire District. Solvay Engine 21 responded with 6 volunteers with Taunton Engine 94 from Solvay Station 1 as both crews had just finished day drill. Fairmount Command arrived and confirmed that everybody was out of the structure and made the fire a Signal 99 (working fire).

Fairmount Engine 7 was first arriving with Solvay Engine 21 close behind. Engine 21 arrived, and its crew stretched a second hose line inside the residence as the other team searched the structure. Solvay Engine 21 removed two dogs from the house, uninjured. Once search was complete, Engine 21's crew then assisted in pulling ceilings to knock down the rest of the fire which was in the cockloft of the structure.

Solvay Truck 11 was added to the assignment and was the first arriving truck company. Truck 11 assisted in throwing ladders to the structure and worked on additional vertical ventilation which was started by Fairmount. Fire was under control within fifteen minutes. All crews remained on the scene for approx. 2 hours working on overhauling the structure and extinguishing remaining

smoldering contents.

Solvay Engine 21s and Truck 11s crews after the fire (Note: Two firefighters are not pictured)

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