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At 12:11 this afternoon, Solvay Fire was alerted to the scene of a possible fire in the basement of a residential home on Lamont Ave. Solvay Car 3 (Bosco) arrived, initially reporting nothing evident form the exterior. After completing a 360 size-up Car 3 advised that there was an active working fire in the basement of the residence. Solvay Engine 22 was first arriving securing their own water supply and stretched the initial attack line to the basement of the home. Taunton Ladder 5, second arriving, began a search of the first floor and basement while Engine 22 worked on knocking down the fire. Fairmount Engine 6 and Solvay Truck 11 also arrived and assisted with various fire ground operations including securing the utilities and ventilation. Solvay Engine 22 quickly extinguished the fire which was held to the basement of the home. The timer was discontinued at 10 minutes. Crews remained on the scene while county fire investigators conducted their investigation. All units were back in service around 1400 hrs. Units operating: Solvay Engine 22, Truck 11, Engine 21, Car 3. Taunton Ladder 5. Fairmount Engine 6.

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