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After clearing a signal 80 on West Genesee St. near Wegman's Solvay Rescue 11 and Engine 12 were alerted to a reported fire in an industrial building in Solvay. Fairmount Engine 6 and Taunton Ladder 5 were also added to the assignment. Resuce 11 and Engine 12 arrived first only moments later finding a fire in the Solvay Paperboard caused by an arcing electrical source. The sparks caused some contents to catch fire as well as a dumpster inside the structre. Solvay Truck 11 also responded and command quickly down sized the incident to Solvay units only. Engine 12 stretched a 1 3/4 inch attack line and made quick work of the fire. Solvay Engine 12, Truck 11, and Rescue 11 remained on scene for overhaul and ventilation operations. Units returned to service approx. an hour after dispatch.

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