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At 1337 hours, Solvay Fire was dispatched to the area of the railway tracks between Bridge St. and State Fair Blvd. for a reported rail car on fire. The exact address was unknown and 911 had to utilize a cell phone plot to find the location. Engine 12 initially responded to the initial area of the alarm however was re-directed to a better location causing Solvay Engine 22 to be first arriving to find a freight style rail car with fire and smoke showing. Engine 22’s crew initially stretched a 1 ¾ attack line to the car. Engine 21 was next arriving and established a relay pump with Engine 22 due to the lack of water supply in the area. Solvay Engine 12 then arrived and added to the relay pump. The rail car was found to be filled with large paper rolls from the local paperboard. Due to the amount of involvement and lack of fire hydrants in the area due to the remote location of the rail car, mutual aid was brought in from Taunton, Baldwinsville, and Lysander fire departments. Units began a water shuttle operation for the rest of the incident. A back hoe was also brought in to remove the rolls of paper from the rail car. All units returned to service around 1700 hours.

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