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StartFragmentAt 19:16 hours on 5/20/16, Solvay, Taunton, Fairmount, Onondaga Hill, and South Onondaga were dispatched to a reported industrial fire at 3000 Milton Ave. in Solvay. Multiple callers reported a heavy smoke condition coming from one of the buildings within the facility. Solvay Engine 22 was first arriving and confirmed the reports also confirming that a piece of machinery on the roof of a building was on fire. As additional apparatus arrived the 300 feet 1.75 hoseline was stretched from Engine 22 and was used to suppress the fire. The fire was held to the single piece of machinery and eventually the assignment was scaled back. Units returned to service around 2100 hours. Solvay Units operating: Engine 22, Engine 12, Truck 11.EndFragment

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