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StartFragmentAt 1747 hrs. on 5/20/16, Taunton, Solvay, and Fairmount were alerted to Burrstone Rd. in the Taunton fire district for a reported shed on fire that was close to the home. Taunton Ladder 5 arrived first with Engine 12 arriving close behind. Units found a fully involved shed fire with extension into the residence. Taunton Ladder 5 stretched a 1.75 inch hose line into the house while Solvay Engine 12 brought in a hydrant, laying 1000 feet of 4... inch. Engine 12's crew then stretched a second hose line from Taunton Ladder 5 and began to knock down the fire on the exterior of the house before moving suppression efforts to what was left of the shed. Taunton command declared a Signal 99 due to the fire extension into the home. Additional units from Onondaga Hill, Fairmount, and Howlett Hill arrived and assisted with other fire ground activities such as search, ventilation, salvage, and overhaul. Engine 12 operated on the scene for over an hour before clearing and responding to a Industrial Fire on Milton Ave. in Solvay.EndFragment

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