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Signal 98 | Steven Ter. | Westvale

At 2348 hours Tuesday, Solvay, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 (R.I.T.) were alerted to a house filling with smoke in the Westvale area of the Solvay fire district. Taunton Ladder 5 arrived first reporting smoke showing from side A. Solvay Engine 12 was second arriving and began to assist Taunton with fire suppression while also obtaining a water supply down the street. Fairmount arrived and established the R.I.T. while units worked on gaining access to the attic where the fire was actively burning. The fire was held to the attic crawl-space and crews were able to prevent any major damage to the house bringing the fire under control. All units returned to service by 0307 hours this morning.

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