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Signal 99 | Westbrook Hills Dr. | Onondaga Hill

At 0238 hours, Solvay Engine 12 and Rescue 11 responded on the initial assignment for a reported fire in an apartment building in the Onondaga Hill fire district. Initial arriving units reported smoke showing and the alarm was upgraded to a Signal 99 (working fire) with active fire in the kitchen. Engine 12 arrived and initially was assigned to pulling a third line but was then redirected to becoming a search team. Rescue 11 arrived and established the R.I.T. as units worked to bring the fire under control. Rescue 11 took a proactive approach as the R.I.T. and set-up several ground ladders. One occupant was removed by crews on the scene and treated by EMS. All Solvay units operated on the scene for approx. 1.5 hours. Units then returned to service.

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