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Roll-over MVC | EB I-690 | Geddes

At 1123 hours, Solvay units were dispatched to I- 690 EB prior to the State Fair Blvd. exit for a single vehicle roll-over. Rescue 11 and Engine 21 responded and while enroute were updated that one occupant was still inside the vehicle.

Solvay units arrived and found a 4 door sedan on its roof approximately 20-25 feet off of the highway. Crews went to work stabilizing the vehicle and beginning medical care to the occupant. Crews worked diligently and quickly removed the occupant within 10 minutes of arrival on scene. The occupant was then transported by ambulance to a hospital. All units returned to service at 1148 hours. Solvay units operating: Engine 21 and Rescue 11

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