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Working Fire | Driscoll Ave. | Solvay

At 0402 hours, Solvay Fire, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 were alerted to a reported fire in an apartment building on Driscoll Ave. The initial caller stated that there was a possible fire in the attic with smoke present in the building. As Solvay Engine 11 called enroute, police were arriving and advising smoke showing from the eaves and upper floor. Onondaga County 911 also advised that they were now getting several calls on the incident.

Solvay Car 3 (Zingaro) was first to arrive and reported a three story apartment building with smoke showing from sides A and D. Solvay Engine 11 arrived 3.5 minutes after dispatch and immediately went to work. Engine 11's driver established his own water supply while the crew began to stretch the 300 ft. hoseline, and officer conducted a 360 degree size-up of the structure. Due to smoke conditions present, Engine 11's crew stretched the initial line through the side D entrance and made their way to the third floor. Solvay Car 1 (Zingaro) arrived and assumed command, Car 3 became the interior supervisor, and Car 2 (Zoanetti) became Driscoll Ave. operations officer.

Once on the third floor, Engine 11's officer and Car 3 opened up a access point to the attic and found fire conditions above one apartment and the common hallway. Engine 11's crew began to knock the fire while Truck 11's crew assisted in opening up the ceiling and walls where additional fire and extension was found. Taunton Ladder 5 arrived and searched the top floor apartments as Fairmount Engine 6 established R.I.T. on side A of the structure and Solvay Engine 21 established a secondary water supply. Onondaga Hill's engine was moved into the scene and assisted with salvage and overhaul. Throughout the duration of the fire, Lakeside provided coverage to Solvay with an engine crew.

The timer was discontinued at the 40 minute mark and crews worked diligently ensuring the fire and all hot spots were extinguished for the remainder of their time on scene. All units returned to service by 0730 hours. The scene was then turned over to the fire investigator.

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