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Signal 98 | West Genesee St. | Fairmount

Picture courtesy of the Fairmount Fire Department's Facebook Page

At 2216 hours, Fairmount, Taunton Ladder 5, and Solvay Engine 11 were alerted to a reported fire in a restaurant on W. Genesee St. in the Fairmount fire district. Solvay Engine 22 was staffed at station 2 and responded in place of Engine 11. Fairmount command arrived and reported nothing evident from the street but was in the investigation mode. Solvay Engine 22 arrived and proceeded to lay in a supply line to the commercial building and then stretched the 250 ft. crosslay. Engine 22's crew began to investigate smoke found throughout the structure from an unknown source. Fairmount's Truck and Taunton's Ladder crews proceeded to investigate the HVAC on the roof with no abnormal conditions found. The fire was eventually found to be in a parapet wall on the exterior of the structure. Fairmount and Solvay worked together to extinguish the fire and then checked for extension. All units returned to service by 2330 hours.

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