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Working Fire | W. Genesee St. | Westvale

At 1710 hours Friday evening, Solvay Fire, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 were dispatched to a report of smoke coming from a structure on West Genesee St. near Century Dr. Solvay Engine 22 and Car 2 responded on dispatch and arrived to find smoke showing from a 2.5 story structure. Engine 22's crew went to work quickly putting a 1.75 inch hose line into place. Engine 22's crew found fire on the first floor which they were able to bring under control within three minutes of arrival. Engine 22's crew found a hole in the first floor so Taunton Ladder 5's crew was assigned to the basement to check for fire and secure utilities. After arrival of Solvay Truck 11 and Engine 21, command held with units on scene. A signal 98 was declared by the Engine 22 officer and units remained on the scene conducting ventilation and overhaul of the structure. All units returned to service by 2000 hours.

Engine 22 on scene as first arriving engine

Engine 22's Crew (First Arriving Engine)

Truck 11's Crew

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