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Working Fire | Freeman Ave. | Solvay

Late in the evening Monday, Solvay Fire, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 was dispatched to a reported fire with multiple calls and reports of a person trapped inside. Solvay Engine 11 arrived 2.5 minutes after the initial dispatch as Car 1 (Zingaro) confirmed a working fire with heavy involvement to a structure in the rear of the dispatched address. Engine 11's crew established a water supply and then arrived and began to stretch. The person who was trapped inside exited the building prior to arrival of fire units. Engine 11's crew put a blitz fire with a 2.5 inch line into operation on side A of the structure. Two additional 1.75 inch line were eventually put into service from Engine 11 as additional crews arrived.

Taunton arrived from the Caroline Ave. (C) side and stretched to the back of the involved building to protect several exposures. Solvay Engine 22 arrived and assisted Taunton. Fairmount Engine 6 arrived and established the R.I.T. while Solvay Engine 21, Truck 11, and Rescue 11 arrived and assisted with fire suppression efforts and scene support operations. All crews managed to protect the immediate surrounding structures and the bulk of the fire was held to the building of origin.

Command held the assignment to a Signal 98. Crews remained on the scene throughout the night cleaning up hot spots and conducting overhaul operations. Crews picked and went into service by 0330 hours. Units Operating: Solvay Engine 11, Engine 21, Engine 22, Truck 11, Rescue 11, Car 1, 2, 3, Taunton Engine 6, and Fairmount Engine 6.

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