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Three Alarm Fire | Interstate Island Rd. | Lakeside

Around 1300 hours on Friday, Solvay Fire was added to the assignment for a working industrial fire in the Lakeside fire district. Engine 11 was initially moved up to Lakeside's firehouse for a stand-by. Engine 11 called enroute immediately but not long after entering the Lakeside fire district the fire was upgraded to a second alarm and eventually a third alarm.

Engine 11 arrived with a crew of 5 and began to go to work assisting in opening up several large bay doors to maximize fire suppression efforts. The building had heavy fire conditions throughout with command ordering an exterior operation only. After opening up some doors, Engine 11's crew was reassigned to operating blitz fires while the Engine 11 operator was assigned to establish a water supply to Lakeside Ladder 1.

Engine 22 was also added to the assignment and their crew was added to the manpower pool. Engine 22's crew was eventually assigned to operating outside hoselines for a duration of the incident. Both Solvay units returned to service after operating on scene for almost seven hours.

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