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Working Fire | Benham Ave. | Solvay

At 1759 hrs. Solvay Fire, Taunton Engine 6, and Fairmount Engine 6 (R.I.T.) were dispatched to a reported fire in a residential home. Initial reports stated that the neighbor was reporting smoke coming from the house. Solvay Engine 22 marked enroute 50 seconds later and prior to arriving established a water supply from a near by hydrant.

Four minutes after initial dispatch, Engine 22 arrived on scene to find a two story residential home with smoke showing. Engine 22's officer began a 360 degree size-up of the structure while the crew began to stretch a 200 foot crosslay. Basement access was found on side C of the structure and after opening it up, the bulk of the fire was found. Engine 22 called a Signal 98 as all hands were working on scene. At this time command was transferred to Solvay Car 2 who just arrived on scene.

Taunton Engine 6 arrived shortly after Engine 22 and stretched a second hoseline off Solvay Engine 22 to side C. Fairmount Engine 6 arrived and established the R.I.T. function. Solvay Engine 22 quickly knocked the fire in the basement and with assistance from Solvay Truck 11 began to check for extension. Fairmount and Taunton units were re-assigned from their initial functions to assist with ventilation.

The fire was contained to the basement with no extension to upper floors. Mutual aid units were returned to service less than an hour after arriving while Solvay units remained on the scene to assist fire investigators. All units returned to service after operating on scene for 1.5 hours.

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