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Looking Back at 2018

In 2018, Solvay Fire had logged 1951 apparatus responses to 1404 fire and rescue incidents, 24 of which were a Signal 98 or Signal 99 (working fire), and 5 were vehicle collisions with entrapment.

Solvay firefighters participated in 192 documented drills/trainings which totaled to 3,468 total man hours. This number does not include the over 2,000 man hours invested into other department details such as fire prevention and community events.

Solvay Firefighters also had over 10,000 hours of station staffing logged. This number does not include the time that our student bunk-ins spend at the station. This only reflects the time our members spend at the firehouse ready to respond to alarms.

Due to the tremendous amount of dedication from our active volunteers, the average response time for all incidents from time of dispatch to time of arrival of the first fire apparatus (does not include chief vehicles) was 4 minutes 37 seconds.

We wish everyone a happy and safe 2019!

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