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Application Process


Submit An Application

The first step to the process is submitting an application. This can be done by obtaining an application by stopping by the station or printing one off using the link below. You will then need to drop the application off to our station where it will be given to our membership committee for review.


Application Review & Background Check

The next step is the review process. Our membership committee reviews the application and a criminal background check is conducted. Once this is complete the application moves onto step three.


Interview & Acceptance

The membership committee establishes an appointment for an oral interview with the applicant. The applicant is then notified if they are accepted or denied membership after the next corporation meeting

Once you have gone through the application process and have been approved for membership, you will be placed onto a one year probation period and assigned to either station one or station two


During this period you must attend a firefighter level I or approved fire training course, complete/attend all annual mandatory training, and maintain satisfactory attendence to alarms and department functions which will be discussed in your interview.


After one year of probation, membership status will be reviewed and if in good standing, firefighter will gain full active membership to the department.



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