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Fire Safety Education

The Solvay Fire Department has always supported Fire Safety Education. Programs have been developed and presented to children and adults in our fire district. 
Our philosophy is simple. The best fire fought is one prevented!

We focus on the basic questions.
What should you do if there is a fire in your home? Get Out and Stay Out
When should you stop drop and roll? When you are on fire! (Unless you are in a burning house, in that case get out, then stop drop and roll!)
Have a plan, pick a meeting place, know what to do and then practice it.

Keep your first line of defense (the smoke detector) in working order. Check your detectors monthly. Change the batteries at least once a year. Even better twice, when you change your clocks, change your batteries. If your detector is over ten years old, replace it!
Finally, the Solvay Fire Department is a volunteer department that is committed to our community, if you have a group in our fire district that would like to have a fire safety presentation please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you needs.

About Our Program

The Solvay Fire Department has a very proactive, aggressive fire education training program. We provide programs for schools and community organizations. Our programs consist of 3 basic varieties; we can come to you, bring your group to us, or bring your group to our open house in October. Our open house offers many hands-on fire prevention and safety demonstrations. Our fire education team spends a lot of time in our schools teaching the children about the dangers and behavior of fire. We have seen a drastic decrease in residential fires since the inception of the program, job well done!

Jay Guss, A Pioneer in Fire Prevention

Jay Guss is a past captain and current board of director with our fire department. He is a full time teacher who dedicates an invaluable amount of time to helping and teaching others. His efforts in fire education are recognized and highly regarded throughout New York State. Jay is innovative and very passionate about teaching the public. His efforts have proven to be a cornerstone to our public relations and our fire department.

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