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Ladies Auxilliary

About Us

The Solvay Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was formed in 1898. Our original purpose was to provide food and drink to the firefighters at any alarm, any time of day. We have since expanded our repertoire, and have become a major pillar in our community, becoming involved in many events and other organizations throughout our community. Like the Fire Department, we are an all volunteer agency comprised of members of our community. Our goal is to continue serving both the community and Fire Department as we have since 1898, while expanding our opportunities through membership growth and new ideas.

Our Duties

Aside from assisting fire crews on the scene of incidents, we work with the Fire Department at many other events all year round.  During the annual Fire Prevention Open House we have a bake sale, and help provide refreshments for guests.  We also cook and assist at many meetings and dinners, serve refreshments to the community at various events and hold several fund raisers, which the proceeds are put back into the community.


We have had a great number of fundraisers over the years; these include bake sales, holiday stocking sales, 50/50 raffle sales, and food and refreshment sales at the field days, and the Memorial Blue Light Sale.

The Memorial Blue Light Sale

Each year Memorial Blue Lights can be purchased in honor or memory of a loved one.  The lights are displayed throughout the holiday season.  The proceeds from this fund raiser are donated to worthy community organizations; these include, but are not limited to, The Food Pantry, Solvay Library, Solvay-Geddes Community Youth Center, and the Village in efforts to build a gazebo at Gertrude Park Pool and a handicapped ramp at the Village Hall. Every other year the proceeds are donated to the Fire Department, donations to the Fire Department have been used for everything from computers to fire education material.


We donate to many local agencies, as well as state organizations.  Along with those listed above we also donate to SADD and the Fireman’s Home on the Hudson.  In 2007 we made fleece blankets and donated them to Vera House, Local Hospitals, and rescue vehicles.  In 2008 we made and donated them to nursing homes and senior citizens in our community.


Formed in 1898 with a specific goal, we have expanded our outreach to the community in many ways.  Some key events in our recent history include the Solvay Centennial Celebration in 1994.  During this event we sold commemorative items such as tee shirts, sweat shirts, hats, mugs, Christmas decorations, Memorial Blue Lights, and a historic plate, engraved with a rendition of the Solvay Process Stone Pile.  In 2001, at the 9/11 Memorial Service held at Woods Road Field, we served attendees beverages and cookies donated by local businesses, as a small token of appreciation of the overwhelming support the community gives to the Auxiliary and Fire Department year after year.  As of 2009 we have expanded our membership to 27 members and are actively recruiting members.


Any person who would like to join the Auxiliary must be a wife, husband, daughter, son, brother, or sister of a firefighter residing in the Solvay Fire District.  If you are interested in joining please call the office at 315-468-1710 to get in contact with us.

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