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Our History

     The Solvay Volunteer Fire Department has been dedicated to serving the citizens of the Village of Solvay and Town of Geddes, located in Central New York, for over 100 years. Established in 1895, the Solvay Volunteer Fire Department has become a premiere provider of fire, rescue, and emergency services in Onondaga County. Follow the links below to learn of the different aspects that have led our department to where we are today.

Coming Together As One: 

Station History

In 1998 the Solvay Volunteer Fire Department became incorporated.

The Beginning

     The first form of fire protection for the village was a hand drawn hose cart operated by the men of the caustic department at the "Solvay Works" in 1888. Shown in the picture on the pole are Thomas Murphy and Porter S. Dunn. In the rear are John "Smokey" Hand and George Hughes. In the background is captain J. William Hughes. During the time these hose carts, equipped with hose and brass nozzles, were pulled by men or occassionally the trolley cars that traveled up the "Broadway of Solvay", Milton Avenue.


     Since the original formation of fire protection in Solvay, equipment has progressed from manpower to the illustrious motorized apparatus we have today.

Click on the above patches to learn more about each station's history!

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