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The Great New York 

State Fair- Fire Station

     The Solvay Fire Department maintains a station located inside the grounds that is staffed during special events such as the NYS Fair, Dirt Week, and the Syracuse Nationals. Station 4 is located on the West End of the grounds across from the Youth building and kitty corner to the Maintanance building inside Gates 5 & 6.


     Throughout the operation of the NYS Fair, Solvay Station 4 is staffed with 6 volunteers and Engine 21, 24/7 for approximately 14 days and has done so for over 7 decades. During this period our fire department protects over one million people that travel to the fair during its operations. The station responds to numerous runs inside the fairgrounds during this period as well as participates in numerous fire drills and public relations events. The fair itself, during operations, is a fully operating city with its very own police force, fire department, and even infirmary with several nurses and doctors on hand.

     The New York State Fairgrounds is entirely in our first due response area. The grounds are located just off the I-690 corridor and maintain numerous events throughout the year including the NYS Fair, concerts, festivals, trade shows, equine and livestock competitions, Dirt Week, and much more. Year round the grounds are being utilized. The fairgrounds offers a very unique and challenging interface that our department and personnel must train for. The possibilities are endless on the types of incidents that have and could occur on the grounds.

First Due to the Fair

Station 4


Vehicle Fire during a demolition derby.

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