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A College Experience Like None Other...


    The Solvay Fire Department bunk-in program was organized in 2011 and has been a great asset to the fire department. For the department, the program provides an increased staffing level of trained firefighters when college is in session. This in turn decreases the response time to emergencies answered by the department. Students who live at the department must attend Onondaga Community College for Fire Protection Technology and/or Emergency Management and maintain full time student status (12 credits per semester). In addition, students must hold firefighter I and be a member of a fire department outside of Onondaga County. The Solvay Fire Department currently has accommodations for 4 bunk-in firefighters. With a call volume of 1600+ runs a year (approximately 4-5 calls a day), our program offers students the ability to apply what they learn in the classroom to their duties in the field. 


Student Bunk-in Program


Learn More About The Program

Unprecedented Training

In 2011 Solvay and Taunton developed a rigorous one week long training academy for our students. Since then the training has grown to include Solvay, Taunton, Onondaga Hill, Fairmount, Baldwinsville, Liverpool, East Syracuse, DeWitt, Fayetteville, and South Onondaga Students. The training week was designed to acclomate students to fireground operations within Onondaga County and topics included:

  • ​Communications

  • Assisting the Ambulance

  • Hose Line Advancement

  • Ladders

  • Ventilation

  • Forcible Entry

  • Vehicle Extrication & Stabilization

  • Live Fire Evolutions

  • Firefighter Survival & R.I.T.

Pictured above is the vertical ventilation and ladders portion of the bunk-in training week from 2013

The training week also develops bonds between the student bunk-ins that they carry with them throughout their time spent in Onondaga County. Throughout the semester students gather to enjoy meals, study, and relax.

Interested in Bunking-in?

The Solvay Fire Department is always looking for potential recruits for our bunk-in program for both fall and spring semesters at Onondaga Community College. Contact us today using the form below or contact Jarrett McMahon or Ryan Lewis (Bunk-in Recruiters) at (315)-468-1710


We thank you for taking time to check us out and look forward to hearing from you in the future to answer any questions or set up a ride along





Where Are They Now?

Past bunk-ins have moved on to obtain positions in the emergency services across the nation, and even world. Our program is meant to be a stepping stone for students to learn and build upon their existing fire and EMS experience  with hopes of them obtaining a fire or EMS job upon graduation from their prospective school.


Some places our past bunk-ins have moved onto include:

  • FDNY

  • Syracuse Fire Department (NY)

  • Frederick County Fire &  Rescue (VA)

  • Ocean City Fire & Rescue (MD)

  • Loudoun County Fire Rescue (VA)

  • Antartic Fire Department (Antartica)

  • Wallops Island NASA Fire & Rescue (VA)

  • Prince George's County Fire/EMS (MD)

  • Horry County Fire & Rescue (SC)

  • New Orleans EMS (LA)

  • Suffolk Fire Rescue (VA)

  • DeWitt Fire Department (NY)

  • American Medical Response (US)

  • And more...

Thanks for your interest in the Solvay Fire Bunk-in Program. Give us 24-48 Hours to get back to you.

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