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Station Amenities

Station No. 1- Milton Avenue

     Station 1, located on Milton Avenue, is the primary station where our bunk-ins reside. Here students live together in a semi-private bunkroom where each student is provided a bed, desk, dresser, and closet for their belongings. For food storage, the bunk-ins share a refrigerator and freezer and are assigned a cabinet as well as additional shelf space for dry goods storage. The students have access to utilize two kitchens within the department. As mentioned before the station has numerous areas for students to study in a completely controllable environment. Students also have access to a fully equipped weight room to use at their convenience . In addition station one has an engine, truck, rescue squad, and BLS suburban.

Above: One of the four student living quarters in the bunkroom. Each student is provided a bed, dresser, closet, and desk in a secure room that can only be accessed by the bunk-ins.

Above: The fully equipped state of the art fitness room located at station one. Right: The modern and completely controllable training room located on the second level of station one, similar to a college lecture hall. Seating for 50.

Station No. 2- Cogswell Avenue

Our bunk-ins also have  access to Station 2, "Mountain Top," an older more historic fire station located in the center of your typical Solvay neighborhood. The station offers a get away from daily operations conducted at station one in a more relaxed environment. Throughout the semester students have the chance to participate in stand-by crews at station 2. Here students have access to the fully renovated second floor with a HD projector and theater style seating. Station 2 also has a general bunkroom, full kitchen, and computer room. Behind the station is a full size baseball field and basketball courts. Station 2 houses 2 Engines and 1 BLS Suburban.

Above: The second floor of Station 2 with the theater style seating and HD projector & screen in the dayroom.

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