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At approx. 0600 hours Solvay Fire was alerted to the scene of a smoke investigation in the area of Cogswell Avenue and Power Street with a caller reporting a heavy smoke condition with ash in the air. Within a minute the alarm was upgraded to a reported structure fire on Ceter Street adding Taunton Ladder 5 and Fairmount Engine 6 (R.I.T.). Solvay Car 1 arrived, gave a size-up reporting smoke showing from side A, and established command. Solvay Engine 22 and Truck 11 went enroute and the alarm was upgraded to a Signal 99 (workng fire). The 99 added Lakeside's Engine 3 to the scene, and Fairmount's Truck 1 to Solvay Station 1, as well as Onondaga Hill Engine 3 to Solvay Station 2. Upon arrival Engine 22's crew went to work stretching a 1 3/4 line to the second floor apartment of the fire building. Taunton Ladder 5 arrived and assisted Engine 22 in moving the line while pulling a second line to the second floor. Truck 11 arrived and established a water supply for Engine 22 as well as a second water supply. Truck 11's crew pulled a third line to protect the means of egress for the two lines working the fire. Engine 22 found heavy fire conditions in the attic area of the building. Engine 22 moved their line up to the attic kocking down the bulk of the fire. Solvay Engine 12, Engine 21, Rescue 11, and Squad 21 arrived and with the assistance of Fairmount Truck 1 began to ladder th building, conduct salvage operations on the first floor, and ventilate. Crews operated for approximately an hour knocking down the fire that was deeply seated in the walls of the structure. The fire was deemed under control after around 0730 hours. All units cleared by 1230 hours. The fire is still under investigation. Units operating: Solvay Engine 22, Truck 11, Engine 21, Engine 12, Rescue 11, Squad 21, Car 1(Cantello), Fairmount Engine 6, Truck 1, Lakeside Engine 3, Taunton Ladder 5.

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