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Signal 99 | Milton Ave. | Solvay

At 0709 hours on 3/8/17, Solvay Fire, Taunton Ladder 5, and Fairmount Engine 6 (R.I.T.) were dispatched to reports of smoke coming from a building in the 1600 block of Milton Ave. Solvay Engine 12 was first to arrive and reported heavy smoke showing from 2 sides of the building. Solvay Car 1 arrived and upgraded the alarm to a Signal 99 (working fire) as Engine 12 began to stretch a 200 ft pre-connect hoseline into side A of the structure. Solvay Engine 22 arrived and brought in a second water supply then assisted E-12 with finding the fire.

As additional units arrived on scene the fire was found to be in the basement of the type III building. Crews began to stretch additional lines and began to make a push into the basement of the structure from a rear entrance. The fire was soon brought under control and crews began an extensive operation to ventilate the building. The fire was contained to the basement however the rest of the building sustained smoke damage. All units returned to service by 1100 hours. Solvay Units operating: Engine 12, Engine 22, Engine 21, Truck 11, Rescue 11, Squad 12, Squad 21, Car 1, and Car 3.

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