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Solvay Fire Department and Lakeside Fire District have added new rescue equipment to their emergency preparedness inventory. As recreational activity on Onondaga Lake continues to rise, the equipment, provided by Honeywell, will help the departments respond more effectively to watercraft incidents and emergencies in areas that were previously only accessible by foot.

Solvay Fire Department received more than $5,000 worth of water rescue equipment, including personal flotation devices, buoys, lights, and stretchers. Pictured left to right are Honeywell Syracuse Program Director John McAuliffe, Chief of Fire Tom Spaeth, volunteer firefighter Heidi Armstrong, volunteer firefighter Jayson Kellogg, volunteer firefighter and EMT Steve VanOrden, volunteer firefighter Bob Zingaro, and Honeywell’s Advisor for Emergency Preparedness Peter Alberti.

“This new safety equipment is essential to prepare our department for increased recreational use of Onondaga Lake,” said Chief of Fire Tom Spaeth. “We thank Honeywell for helping Solvay Fire Department provide excellent response services in the event we’re called into action.”

Honeywell also donated more than $4,000 worth of rescue equipment to Lakeside Fire District. The equipment is built to transport patients on off-road terrain. Pictured left to right are Honeywell Syracuse Program Director John McAuliffe, First Assistant Chief Michael Kolakowski, volunteer firefighter and EMT Ben Robedee, volunteer firefighter Cody Schaefer, and Fire Chief Timothy Wolsey.

“Before this donation, we would walk to the scene and carry the patient out,” said Lakeside Fire Chief Timothy Wolsey. “Now, we can reach patients faster, begin treatment, and drive the patient to an awaiting roadside ambulance. We’re thankful for the help that Honeywell has provided. We are now better prepared for any emergency.”

Honeywell’s Emergency Response Team continues to meet with local emergency responders, including those from Baldwinsville, Camillus, Geddes, Liverpool, Solvay, the city of Syracuse, the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management, and the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Communications 911 Dispatch Center, to prepare for and coordinate emergency response efforts related to the Onondaga Lake cleanup.

Substantial progress has been achieved on the Onondaga Lake cleanup, and water quality is the best it has been in decades. Dredging of the lake bottom was completed in 2014, a year ahead of schedule. Capping and habitat restoration will be finished in 2016.

“First responders have worked with Honeywell to prepare for any potential lake-related incidents,” said John McAuliffe, Honeywell Syracuse program director. “As the work progresses and recreational use of the lake increases, these additional resources will help the departments respond faster and more efficiently to emergency incidents.”

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