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Engine 12 was dispatched to a reported electrical fire in Fairmount's Fire District at about 0300 hrs. Engine 12 responded with 6 volunteers and was first arriving to find a 2 story garden apartment with fire showing on the C side and an occupant trapped on a balcony on side A. Engine 12's crew stretched the first attack hose line to the fire floor and threw a ladder, rescuing the trapped occupant. The fire was brought under control within fifteen minutes of dispatch. Solvay Engine 22 was added to the assignment and responded with 4 volunteers. Crews remained on the scene to conduct overhaul and salvage operations. Crews returned to service around 0600 hrs. Solvay Units Operating: Engine 12 (with 6 volunteers), Engine 22 (with 4 volunteers), Car 1

Engine 12's crew back in quarters after the fire.

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