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This morning, Solvay Engine 12 and Rescue 11 (R.I.T.) responded to the Fairmount fire district for the report of smoke coming from an apartment. Solvay Engine 12 went enroute with 6 volunteers on dispatch and arrived third due behind Fairmount Engine 6 and Engine 7. As Fairmount began to stretch a 1.75 inch attack line, Solvay Engine 12's crew was assigned search by command. Solvay Engine 12's crew then proceeded into the fire with Fairmount and began searching and assisting with pulling ceilings and walls. Heavy fire conditions were found on the first floor of the apartment and crews worked quickly to suppress the fire. The timer was stopped around the 20 minute marker and crews proceeded to overhaul the apartment.

Solvay Rescue 11 had established the R.I.T. on the A,B corner of the building with 5 volunteers. Rescue 11's crew also placed several ladders to the structure to be proactive in case of a turn in events. In addition to sending two full crews to Fairmount, Solvay Fire remained staffed with two crews in the first due. All Solvay units were back in service approx. an hour after the initial dispatch.

Engine 12's crew after the fire. Rescue 11 also responded with 5 volunteers.

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