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Back to Back Vehicle Fires on State Fair Blvd.

This afternoon, Solvay Fire was alerted to Bridge St. and State Fair Blvd. for the report of a vehicle on fire. Solvay Engine 22 responded within seconds and while enroute was advised of an active engine compartment fire by Geddes Police. Engine 22 arrived and stretched the 100 foot bumper line to quickly bring the fire, which was kept is check by police with a dry chemical extinguisher, under control. Engine 22 returned to service shortly after.

Approximately two hours later Solvay was activated for another vehicle fire (seperate incident) near Gate 10 of the New York State Fairgrounds. Engine 22 quickly marked enroute and arrived to find a classic car with fire damage to the engine compartment after being displayed at the annual Syracuse Nationals. Due to the quick thinking of employees at the fairgrounds, a 2000 gallon water tanker was used to suppress the fire prior to the arrival of the Solvay Fire Department. Engine 22's crew checked the vehicle for hazards but quickly returned to service.

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