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Signal 99 | Kathleen Terr | Fairmount

At 1017 hours, Fairmount, Taunton Ladder 5, and Solvay Engine 12 were alerted to a possible residential fire in the western part of Fairmount's fire district. Additional reports confirmed a house on fire with people still inside. Fairmount Car 1 arrived and quickly upgraded the alarm to a Signal 99 (working fire) reporting fire and smoke showing from a attached garage and 2 story residential home. Solvay Engine 12 responded at 1018 hours with 5 firefighters in addition to Solvay Car 1 (Zingaro) and Solvay Car 3 (Zingaro).

Solvay Engine 12 arrived with Fairmount Engine 7 at 1024 hours. Engine 12 secured a water supply at the corner of North Way and Kathleen Terrace, laying out a 4" supply line. Crews quickly went to work and began to make an interior attack on the fire, stretching several hoselines from Solvay Engine 12. Due to rapidly deteriorating conditions on the interior, command ordered all units to transition to temporary exterior operations.

At this point, Engine 12 supplied Fairmount Truck 1 with water as it utilized master streams to knock down a bulk of the remaining fire. Crews eventually returned to the interior for salvage and overhaul operations. Units operated on the scene until 1242 hours.

Solvay Truck 11 had moved up to Fairmount's firehouse throughout the duration of the incident. All units returned to quarters and assisted in returning Engine 12 to service within the hour. Thank you to Cam's pizza for the donation of pizza and water to our dedicated volunteers

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