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Bunk-In Students Graduate OCC

This afternoon, four of our bunk-in students graduated Onondaga Community College with their A.A.S. in Fire Protection Technology. Each student has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to earning their degree while living at our firehouses running calls and performing daily duties.

Right to Left:

Jonathan Oswald started our program in the Fall of 2015 coming from the Roosevelt Fire Department in Hyde Park, NY. Since his start at our department, Jon has become a NYS EMT and has proven to be a valuable asset to our department. Jon has since purchased a home in the Syracuse area and become a member of our department with hopes of pursuing a career in public safety locally.

Jarrett McMahon transferred to our program from Taunton Fire in the Spring of 2016.Jarrett is originally from the Whithall Fire Department in Whitehall, NY Jarrett also completed his EMT and was bunk-in in our program for three semesters. Jarrett then moved out of the firehouse, became a member with our department, and obtained a full time job with AMR ambulance while still attending college. Jarrett has worked diligently in our department and has become a qualified squad, rescue, and engine driver. Jarrett is working towards obtaining a career fire service job and has plans to attend a paramedic program locally in the near future.

Matthew Gokey started our program in the Fall of 2016 coming from the Accord Fire District in Ulster County, NY. Matt has been an asset to our department especially when it has come to rope rescue training. Matt has completed his EMT and recently obtained full time employment with AMR ambulance in Syracuse, NY. Matt plans to become a member of our department and pursue his paramedic certification locally.

Evan Will also started our program in the Fall of 2016. Evan came from the Brownville Fire Department in Jefferson County, NY. Evan has worked towards his degree while also becoming an EMT with our department. Evan plans to pursue his paramedic locally and also join our department as a member. Evan currently works for Guilfoyle Ambulance in Watertown, NY.

We wish all of our graduates success in their future endeavors. To learn more about becoming a Solvay Fire bunk in, visit our recruitment section.

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