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Signal 98 | Holiday Inn | Liverpool

At approximately 0230 hours, The box was filled for a reported fire at the Holiday Inn on Electronics Pkwy in Liverpool. Liverpool units were initially dispatched for a fire alarm activation at the building. Initial arriving Liverpool companies found an active alarm with smoke throughout the six story building.

Solvay Rescue 11 responded with a crew of four. Upon arrival Rescue 11 was assigned to assist with evacuating the occupants of the hotel due to an increasing smoke condition while other units on scene worked towards finding the source of the fire. Crews eventually found a fire in the basement and brought it under control working off of an extended lay.

Once the fire was extinguished, Rescue 11's crew assisted in ventilating the fifth and sixth floors. Once the smoke was clear, Rescue 11 returned to service after operating on scene for close to two hours.

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