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Signal 80, One Pinned | Scarsboro Dr. | Solvay

At 0107 hours, Solvay Fire was dispatched to a reported MVC in the 500 blk of Scarsboro Dr. A third party caller reported hearing a bang and seeing a car crashed near their home. Engine 21 and Rescue 11 responded and arrived within five minutes of dispatch to find a single pick up truck with heavy front end damage after striking a tree. Upon initial assessment, the passenger of the vehicle was found to be entrapped with the dash pinned on their legs. Engine 21 and Rescue 11's crew went to work stabilizing the vehicle and beginning to free the trapped occupant using the hydraulic rescue tools. Rescue 11's crew removed the passenger side of the truck and then made relief cuts to lift the dash. The driver was freed from the wreckage and then transported to a local trauma center for treatment. Extrication was completed within 25 minutes of initial dispatch.

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